Sep 4, 2009

Car wash : How much water do we waste ....?

Water is the elixir of life.
The search for water has resulted in deep space exploration of the Universe.
Yet, somehow, we know very little about the stuff around us ........on THIS planet!!
Maybe we know.....but do we??

Water water everywhere-
But NOT a drop to drink !
....heard that somewhere sometime.

So, we harp at its lack, and crib when it floods,
wash our cars everyday to a shine so bright and sleek,
hosing it to the gutter with all our crappy cruds,
enough water in an hour, what many could use for a week!!

How long.......?

How much water do we waste ....?
I'm trying to calculate the Car wash wastage:
My neighbourhood has about 300 houses, each with at least 1 car.

So, some simple maths-
300 cars X 50ltrs ( 1 bucket) = 15,000ltrs a day.
Thats 15,000ltrs x 300 days ( leaving sundays & holidays) = 4,500,000ltrs a year !
WOW...... 4.5million liters of precious water....down the drain every year??!

....and that, in a small 300 home neighbourhood! 
Time to think.....

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docel's pages...... said...

...that was in 2009...
NOW here are 700+ cars here !!😨😰😵😱