Oct 27, 2009

Dangers of thoughtless Driving

  • This is just a simulated video.
Its more red and gaudy in true real-life. http://bit.ly/9fSf6
Driving is not just holding the wheel and pumping 3 pedals- It is a highly technical and a scientific art.
  Most people dont know what they're doing behind the wheel. http://bit.ly/13cLCj
It takes 2 for an accident.
 It is not important whose fault it was.
If This happens when you're sober then what happens when YOU're drunk???
THIS happens:: http://bit.ly/NlWK5

Drive safe.... YOU are NOT Schumacher & you are NOT on the Track.

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Problem of plenty hits engg studies

Oct 19, 2009

Surgical Robots- 1

 Robotics is not just LFRs & Grid navigators. The Pick'n'Place Robots of yesteryears have evolved into Remote operated Micro-surgeons.....

 Surgical Surgical Robots and Robotics techniques are fast replacing in-house surgeons by facilitating the same Surgeons to operate on a patient 'anywhere' in the world, from wherever the surgeon is at that moment. This is an astounding miracle of Robotics- no more waiting to aggregate a group of expert surgeons around the Surgery table- they can supervise and successfully conduct Surgery from anywhere !!
 While the present generation of Medical Robots are expensive, they are fast approaching affordability due to increased interest and installations around the world. There have been significant reduction in Cost of these robotic systems and should reduce further in the future.

The recent advances in Medical Robots is due to the perfect blend  of  Mechatronics, Electronics, Physics, Embedded systems , Computer science and Software; the result is Robotics & Autonomous sytems , Intelligent systems etc., that have brought Robots from the long restricted Automobile industry into the wide user areas ranging from complex Surgery to ones own kitchen.

Sep 4, 2009

Car wash : How much water do we waste ....?

Water is the elixir of life.
The search for water has resulted in deep space exploration of the Universe.
Yet, somehow, we know very little about the stuff around us ........on THIS planet!!
Maybe we know.....but do we??

Water water everywhere-
But NOT a drop to drink !
....heard that somewhere sometime.

So, we harp at its lack, and crib when it floods,
wash our cars everyday to a shine so bright and sleek,
hosing it to the gutter with all our crappy cruds,
enough water in an hour, what many could use for a week!!

How long.......?

How much water do we waste ....?
I'm trying to calculate the Car wash wastage:
My neighbourhood has about 300 houses, each with at least 1 car.

So, some simple maths-
300 cars X 50ltrs ( 1 bucket) = 15,000ltrs a day.
Thats 15,000ltrs x 300 days ( leaving sundays & holidays) = 4,500,000ltrs a year !
WOW...... 4.5million liters of precious water....down the drain every year??!

....and that, in a small 300 home neighbourhood! 
Time to think.....

Aug 27, 2009

A man withouit limbs...a Man without Limits !!! An inspiration.......

Thank you , my friend Gopi... that was a very moving PicStory indeed......!
All of us are NOT "lucky".... but then - it is not the end of the world, either. So, why do wespend our precious time in self pity & "Why Me" procrastination ? ? ?

Where there is a will, there's a way... My Dad used to say. The old man sure talked sense !

So very true. More so, if we get some inspiration from someone else -

Someone, who Never Said "Die"....

Nick Vujicic, No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

Aug 26, 2009

BANGALOREROBOTICS: Problem of plenty hits engg studies

BANGALOREROBOTICS: Problem of plenty hits engg studies

This means the LAST RANK holder will ALSO get a guaranteed Engg. seat!!!! Not that it is new- it happens every year, but this year is the vacant seats are maximum.

So, what is the standard of Tech. education now?

No wonder- the Engg. students ( and Engineers, too)of the present don't even know the meaning of Engineer or Engineering! This is not a joke; ask ANY engineering student and SEE for yourself.

So....why do we need CET at all??

4 legged walker -3

BANGALOREROBOTICS: Bangalore: Silicon Valley or Coolie Valley?: Rediff.com news

BANGALOREROBOTICS: Bangalore: Silicon Valley or Coolie Valley?: Rediff.com news

Problem of plenty hits engg studies

Problem of plenty hits engg studies

There are Thousands of unfilled CET Engg. seats this year too.
Karnataka- 12,000. TN- 35,000. Not too sure of the other states, but there will be 1000s around, going by these figures.

It is not just the Vacant seats that are increasing, but there is an increase in the no. of colleges too!!

Aug 22, 2009

Bangalore: Silicon Valley or Coolie Valley?: Rediff.com news

Bangalore: Silicon Valley or Coolie Valley?: Rediff.com news

Its time everyone understood these important facts....

Todays student is a victim of adult non-cooperation and misguidance. All the guidance these poor guys get is the outdated and incompetent advice of Tutions, tutions and TUTIONS.

Todays students have been reduced to lines in the text book and questions in the Exams. They are not encouraged by anyone they know to be practical, knowledgreable or usable.

Have we adults failed in our duty to build a healthy & intelligent youth ? ?