Jan 15, 2010

Parents are driving us to despair, say students in survey

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.....what a tragedy!!
Wonder when people realize that value based education CANNOT be attained through a marks-only target effort.
The kids of this generation are gifted with excellent brains due to their parents genes- only to be suppressed of their talents in the name of Marks based evaluation system rather than a skill enhancing education.

Tutions, tutions from class I itself... Tutions are killing Talent!!!


"All work & no play" is making all the Jacks as dull as possible. No games, no sports, no variety, no activities, no extra-curricula, no social interaction, no application, no discussions, no skill buildup..... just the rote learning of a meaningless syllabus that is designed to be history rather than state-of-art present day Technology........
Sad !!

Solar Eclipse 15 Jan 2010

The Solar Eclipse creates some peculiar patterns in nature.
Noneed to make a pin-hole camera....Nature provides billions of these natural Pin-hole cameras.....every tree, every plant is a camera andrecreates the Eclipsesd Sun on the ground, on the walls - everywhere!!

Am lucky to see 4 solar Eclipses in my life. The first time I took B&W pics of these very same between-the-leaves Pin-hole camera images on an Agfa 110 !

Todays pics are from my N95 without magnification. I used an eclipse filter sent to me by a science organisation called Chintana.

I wonder how many people saw the real thing personally , other than the live TV broadcast. They probably missed a chance of a life time!!
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Jan 14, 2010

10th Annual Robotics Workshop 2010

A ROVERBOT workshop was conducted for Students as a part of the 10th Annual Robotics Workshop of bangalorerobotics from 12th to 14th Jan 2010.

Students from various colleges like CMRIT, BMSCE,JSSATE, GSSIT, JVIT, SBMJCE participated in the workshop.

This was a Basic Robotics workshop for beginners as an Expose & Enhance some basic skill-sets in Electronics, Circuit building, construction, Sensor basics and management, motor control etc., involved in the design of an Autonomous Line-Wall follower Robot.
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