Jan 15, 2010

Parents are driving us to despair, say students in survey

Newspaper View-DNA E-Paper 

.....what a tragedy!!
Wonder when people realize that value based education CANNOT be attained through a marks-only target effort.
The kids of this generation are gifted with excellent brains due to their parents genes- only to be suppressed of their talents in the name of Marks based evaluation system rather than a skill enhancing education.

Tutions, tutions from class I itself... Tutions are killing Talent!!!


"All work & no play" is making all the Jacks as dull as possible. No games, no sports, no variety, no activities, no extra-curricula, no social interaction, no application, no discussions, no skill buildup..... just the rote learning of a meaningless syllabus that is designed to be history rather than state-of-art present day Technology........
Sad !!

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