Aug 26, 2012

"Apple Vs Android " Apple takes $1 Billion bite out of samsung

This is the industry challenge to the Open Source Software ()SS) effort and will inevitably roll over all that has cropped up as OSS.
While one cannot ignore the Technical similarities between the products of these fighting Market leaders, one cannot simply digest the projected threat to freedom of innovation. The repercussions of the court ruling is bound to be quite widespread in the throttling of technology. Once again, giants are dwarfing the small and the enthusiatic.

- Curbs blatant Copying and Cloning
- increase prices of patented products.
- more profits
- happy share holders

- Reduce the Markets' offering of variety, both features and price
- force people to pay more for things that can be made cheap.
- Throttle off-shoot innovations of existing technologies 
- Prevent people's participation in the advancement of Technology
- Blackmail of the buyer

This is a direct threat to Google and its Android OS. Wonder what they are doing in their Conference rooms..? They may not take this lying down, for sure. Which means an all out , free for all fight - in Court and on Internet.
How does this affect the common man with a small pocket ?
and the ever increasing Hardware enthusiasts?
and the millions of OSS users ?

They might very well support the increasing OSS group rather than the handful of Giants !

Oh , ok... fine... so what ? 
We STILL have LINUX dont we ???

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