Apr 5, 2017

Car wash : How much water do we waste ....?

Car wash : How much water do we waste ....?

I'm trying to calculate the Car wash WATER wastage:
My neighbourhood has about 300 houses, each with at least 1 car.
So, some simple maths-
300 cars X 20ltrs ( 1 bucket) = 6,000ltrs a day.
Thats 6,000ltrs x 300 days ( leaving sundays & holidays) = 1,800,000ltrs a year !
WOW...... 1.8 million liters of precious water....down the drain every year??!

....and that, in a small 300 home neighbourhood ! 
Time to think.....

Water water everywhere-
But NOT a drop to drink ! ....heard that somewhere sometime.
I wrote a small poem: 
So, we harp at it's lack, 
and crib when it floods,
wash our cars everyday to a shine so bright and sleek !
Hosing it to the gutter, 
with all our crappy cruds,
enough water in an hour what many could use for a week!!

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